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A few days since I first walked Liz fucked and I needed time and space to rest my head. Fuck that was a lie, but I had to take into account a wife and children and in this sense, we 've decided that once and I would go and tell your future as the first. Julie was eager to play, but I could not answer, as I had too much on my mind to fuck her, she was going to sleep in a little hurt seriously. The next morning, with a cold Julie to go to work. Children left school and went to Liz 's house. She smiled when I entered the house with my keys, I was on the couch talking on the phone with Julie, who reportedly phoned him from work and listened as his mother complained about my lack of interest in Liz Sat bed sounded sympathetic to the daughters of her situation, but said that all the work even before hanging up. Liz wore a cream-colored blouse, which was semi -transparent, allowing a great viewvery large breasts. Along with a plaid skirt and white stockings and shoes black with black high healed. I must be honest and say that it looked incredibly sexy and I felt a slight twinge in my cock. 'Want something to drink Dave ', ' Yes please ' ' What do I owe this visit, I thought gigagalleries I out of shape,' he said. 'Not at all I just had a lot in my head,' I replied. She rose and leaf in the kitchen to make a drink, while I sat and waited. On his return put the glass on a mountainside and sat down opposite me in the chair so that your journey at the foot shows a subtle touch of the top half. When I realized I was looking for and let her legs part a little so that I could see a little more. He said : 'Liz, I do not think we should continue, as we do, because it is too dangerous and too much is at stake ' His response was to open the legs a little more, while enjoying your drink. There was an awkward silence as I watched, waiting for your gigagalleries reply. After what seemed like an eternity, he said, ' so you do not want to fuck me again,' I replied 'no, not that I gigagalleries think is unfair to the other and there is too much at stake,' Liz stood up and looked at me gigagalleries very seriously. He crossed the room and stood in front of me, before attaching the skirt to show her legs under her dress socks underwear. Then she opened her blouse exposing her breasts fabulous. My cock ached and exploding. She looked into my eyes and said. ' Bullshit I go to Dave, whenever and so easy, ' With these words, my cock was out of my pants without any resistance on my part. He bent down and sucked my knob for a few seconds, before kneeling in it for gigagalleries me. He rubbed his cock up and down the slit, like velvet, and was very slippery. 'Julie said she did not understand her, but I think Dave, save your sperm for me, he had promised, such as' With these words he threw himself on my cock up her pussy until my balls touched her ass. She got up and went down, while rubbing her breasts on the face and it was heavenly. 'Can you stop me then Dave,' she said, she looked into my eyes and tried to say yes, but my body was addicted, 'No, No, stop,' she pulled my head to the left tit I sucked hard. I am not my favorite, as I said, I belong to me now, Dave, and you find me whenever I want to fuck 'With these words began to shake and cum hard moaned loudly. When she calmed down, kissed me passionately felt I had died and gone to heaven. Liz detached from my cock and led me to my feet. she takes me up the stairs to his room, then lay in bed, legs spread, making clothes, she said, ' Now fuck your mother-in -law and give me all your sperm adorable. 'She was like a first-class prostitute was like a drug for me forever. gigagalleries Slid my cock into her hot hole and began a very deep shit hard. She moaned and clung to me, as he dug his heels in me. I was abusing her tits, biting and sucking them, as gigagalleries he proposed to her. I grabbed her ass as I hit my iron hard cock in as hard as possible while he laughed and exclaimed in ecstasy. I was looking for a gigagalleries building shattering climax when she pulled my hair and said, ' I love you, I love you, love your baby, give me your baby. ' This was too much as it launched a massive load deep in his lap. I stuck my cock as hard as I could in their movement and not until every drop was spent. Tears rolled down her cheeks as we cling to each other, while down from the top. Pussy was milking his cock to cum, I had locked the legs as myself inside. She looked into my eyes and said, 'That's where you gigagalleries belong Gallo' and had to admit you are really doing. I turned around and he was exhausted to rest next to her. She snuggled into me while we made small talk. It felt very good on this side very sexy woman as my mind raced through the surreal situation. finallyt up and went to clean the toilet. When he returned, he said, ' no doubt know that my body is washed Dave. ' He sat on the bed and began to apply makeup and when she put on her lipstick, I was rubbing my cock, which began to gain total power was. Liz realizes this, but said she met some old friends for lunch and went to leave soon. I could not help me when I began to knead her breasts gigagalleries through her ​​blouse, as she stood behind her. He stayed with the use of makeup and leaned on me. I lifted her skirt and began rubbing her clitoris with two fingers. tried to resist, but I have them in gigagalleries bed before my cock in her wet pussy on his knees again. I grabbed her hips as I could in the back as hard and as fast as I started pounds. gigagalleries He grabbed the blanket moan as I squeezed his thumb in the ass. His head in bed, she turned and gigagalleries saw me asked me shit. I leaned forward and grabbed her tits swing as gigagalleries I fEel sperm in the increase of the balls. When I started running his hand started to rub my balls milking again. If you completely spent Liz said : ' Never stop fucking with me, Dave, we are very well together,' More to come !
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